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Innovation is Exciting!

Innovation is exciting. Business-as-usual will no longer be usual and, once we recover from the shock and initial grief, many of us are excited to see what the Holy Spirit has in store for the Church next. 

Here are a few things I see coming down the pike: 

  1. Lay ownership. In an age of book clubs and yoga classes, we see more and more leveling of the power structure and access to knowledge. There are leaders, facilitators, and knowledge sharing that eases the learner into shared leadership. I see a new day in the Church where the relationship between lay and clergy becomes a bit more like this. Creating opportunities for learning and growth and leadership among lay people that are energizing and fruitful is something I look forward to.

  2. Financial sustainability. After cautious, caring, and creative restructuring (not just closing!), our congregations can create a financially fruitful situation. What can we do with extra money? Let’s imagine! We can help our members, our communities, and save up for something truly extraordinary… without tightening the belt even further. The dream can be a reality!

  3. Community integration. Pub Church, Cafe Church, RV Church, Park Church, Mobile Church, Mall Church. The idea of being kicked out of our nests (definitely not everyone’s destiny!) is painful. But there is so much opportunity available when we worship in the community. People see that we’re not scary. People can be welcomed to join us from exactly where they are. People can feel the love and acceptance. 

So let the Holy Spirit blow on our dandelion of a Church, and scatter us to thrive in the most unlikely places. The roots will remain and grow, and more will grow where the wind blows us - exactly as strong and stubborn and delightful as our origins. 

Here are two links that delight me. They are on the progressive end of things, but don’t let that frighten you. We are all concerned with ensuring our churches survive and thrive. 

And when you’re ready for help in your transformation, contact Grow+Small Church Consulting.

We’re here for you, to set you on your feet, to make sure you can always be the Church, and we will never break the bank. 

Now, what would you do if you had extra money in your congregation’s account every year? Dream! Dream big! 

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