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Are you ready to make a real change in the world?  Are you ready to walk your talk?  Are you ready to commit to the "least of us" in this special way?  

"Alice walked us through every step of creating our Social Enterprise, from improving our existing business to creating our Acacia Program.  She trained our volunteers and presented our Social Enterprise through public speaking.  I can honestly say that Good Shepherd's Corner and the Acacia Program would not be here today if it were not for Alice J Stewart."

Suzie Watson, Program Director

Social Enterprise Consulting



A social enterprise is usually a separate business venture, and very often a nonprofit.  This requires significant amounts of time, resources, and expertise - possibly including outside legal and financial experts.  Please allow plenty of time and provide a committed team who will perform the lion's share of the work itself.  


Complete an Assessment.  It's FREE with Social Enterprise Consulting. 


  • High-level visioning and strategic planning

  • Team creation, define foundational tasks, plan research activities


  • All the consulting you receive in Planning & Reorganizing

  • Program Development

  • Business Planning

Delivery: Workshop(s) of several hours or in a series of 60-90 minute meetings

Activities: Multiple facilitated exercises and analyses documented and used as the foundation for strategy and plans

Deliverables: Written executive report, strategic plan and/or basic business plan, program (if required), business establishment consulting, start-up accounting and budgeting, staff/volunteer training, change management. 

Added Bonus: 15% off any coaching for one year, FREE assessment, 10% off of Consulting


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