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Our Business Services


Assessment & Financial Workshop

Detailed analysis of your financial situation & creation of new strategy. 



Ongoing and strategy-specific consulting to make your Church Business Management smoother than you've dreamed possible.


Project Management

Personalized project management by a CPM-certified expert.

Lauren Bear, Founder

Restore the Restorers

"When I needed an organizational map for my 501(c)(3) Restore The Restorers, I called Alice.  With her delivery of a road map and customized plan and with her input, I had brand new questions to answer. 
As an organizational leader, I then worked with Alice to find those new answers for proceeding and for growing successfully and confidently.  
With Alice’s help, I wish every church and organization the best as they too hold on to hope and lovingly apply the new work of today for their going forward sustainably all while remaining rooted in faith."



Free inquiry call.  Let's put some ideas on the table.  No charge. 


The Assessment

Deliverables: Summary, red flags, projections, recommendations

Requirements: Monthly and annual financial reports, staffing/volunteer data, current parish activities for one year, one-hour phone or video conversation with senior lay leader prior to assessment.

Optional: Any data collected by your denominational leaders. 

Added Bonus: 5% off any coaching for one year

Financial Workshop

Financial Strategy & Visioning

Delivery: Workshops of several hours or in a series of 60-90 minute meetings

Activities: Review and Q&A of Assessment, brainstorming options, narrowing down options, visioning realistic outcomes, deciding next steps

Deliverables: High-level report of workshop results, documentation of workshop details and next steps, estimated financial projections of desired change, summary recommendation. 

Requirements: Assessment

Added Bonus: 10% off any coaching for one year , FREE assessment, 10% off of Consulting or Project Management


Strategic Planning Consulting Includes


  • High level strategy/lean canvas/value proposition

  • Analyses: SWOT, TOWS Matrix, PESTLE, MoSCoW

  • Additional Analyses & Plans: Marketing, competitor, communications

  • Action plan, implementation plan, timeline, draft budget


Delivery: Workshop(s) of several hours or in a series of 60-90 minute meetings

Activities: Multiple facilitated exercises and analyses documented and used as the foundation for strategy and plans

Deliverables: Documentation of analyses and plans, final report of strategic/business plan including new financial projections

Prerequisite: Assessment

Added Bonus: 15% off any coaching for one year, FREE assessment, 10% off Financial Workshop, 10% off of Social Enterprise or Project Management

A la Carte Consulting

Your Church Business Office deserves to be the best.  Let's get you there.  You call the shots.  Monthly packages available.  Check out our utterly transparent pricing here.  



Project Management

Project Management

Project Management Includes

  • Project and Team Charter

  • Work Breakdown Structure

  • Risk Analysis 

  • Timeline

  • Budget


Deliverables: Final executive report upon completion of project, status reports at pre-determined time periods.  Full documentation will be retained by AJ Stewart Consulting, LLC.  

Prerequisites: Assessment, defined project team

Added Bonus: 15% off any coaching for one year, FREE assessment, 10% off of Consulting or Social Enterprise 

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