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Executive Coaching

You CAN run the business of the church and have a life outside of it. 


Individual Coaching

Your partner as you lead your church through change. 


Group Coaching

Specifically for lay leaders navigating uncharted waters.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching for All Church Administrative Staff



  • Directors, Executive Pastors, Administrators, Secretaries, Bookkeepers, Financial Specialists, Facilities Personnel, Operations Staff, Rental Coordinators, Communications Specialists.  Everyone!



  • Staff: 

    • Hard and soft skills training, goal achievement, mentoring & accountability, career development, boundary and time management, navigating church politics and pastoral challenges, onboarding, compliance oversight, a safe person to share your work life with.  And you can have a life too!  

  • Clergy & Lay Leaders:

    • Achieve immediate return on investment when you get your staff the professional development they need with a coach who is an expert in the field.  Receive expert advice and documentation for onboarding, succession planning, and business requirements.  Reduce potential conflicts before they begin.  



  • Church administration is often a low-paying, high-stress, massively demanding vocation with little professional training and support.  Staff need to be highly skilled and professional.  You will save a ton of money and heartache if you train and retain.

  • The demands on the church business office have skyrocketed and are constantly changing.   

  • Clergy who manage administrative staff are usually not experts in administration or management.  

  • The world of church administration has changed radically since your last lay volunteer was running the office.

  • An independent and confidential expert with an MBA and a career in church business administration can coach your staff like no one else can.  


Added Bonus: 10% off other coaching for one year, 10% off of Consulting or Project Management

Individual Coaching

Clergy & Lay Leaders

You are leading your church through change.  You have denominational assistance... but...


Don't do it alone.  Get coaching from an experienced change-agent with congregational expertise - independent and confidential. 

Added Bonus: 10% off Executive Coaching for one year, 10% off of Consulting or Project Management

Just for Lay Leaders

Lay leaders face special challenges and responsibilities.  You may have resources and support from your denomination, clergy, or church members who have led the church before.  

You need more.  You need an outside expert with inside expertise - independent and confidential.  

  • Determine your own goals

  • Receive effective tools & facilitation

  • Be accountable

  • Be successful!

Added Bonus: 10% off Executive Coaching for one year, 10% off of Consulting or Project Management, DEEP discount on Closing, Not Quitting services


Group Coaching

Group Coaching

Individual Coaching
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