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Transparent pricing.  No hidden costs. 

About Pricing: Text
Imaginative Financing


If use our Closing, Not Quitting services, I provide imaginative financing.  You can afford to be church! 


Several options are available: 

  • A loan or contribution from your denomination

  • A loan or line of credit from your bank

  • A payment plan that we agree upon


It is most likely that your Closing, Not Quitting congregation will be looking for a payment plan with Grow+Small Church Consulting, but it never hurts to examine the first two options.  


Grow+Small Church Consulting Payment Plan

  • Assessment is required.  Start here

  • Payments will be calculated based on several factors including: 

    • how many contributors in your congregation, 

    • what they can realistically afford, and

    • desired collections so you can keep surviving

  • Payments from one-to-five years

  • No interest!

  • You will automatically be put into the "pool" of congregations receiving the Gift of Grace (unless you opt out)

  • If your church just can't make these payments, they will be completely forgiven (although every effort will be made to ensure they can)

Gift of Grace


Grow+Small Church Consulting accepts donations.  20% of these donations are gathered and distributed to a randomly selected congregation within the Closing, Not Quitting churches working with Grow+Small Church Consulting.  If no Closing, Not Quitting churches are available, the Gift is available to all congregations who connect with Grow+Small.  

Pricing Planning & Reorganizing


Planning, Reorganizing, & Social Enterprise

  • Remote workshops = $500/person/day + expenses* (minimum 3 people, 4-8 hours)

  • Onsite workshops = $1000/person/day + expenses* (minimum 3 people, 4-8 hours) 

  • Remote consulting = $200/hr 

  • Package/Retainer Rate = $5000/mo up to 40 hours of consulting (almost half price!) 



Expenses include costs beyond basic materials (e.g. parking expenses, admission fees), mileage at the current IRS rate, flight costs, lodging, and a per diem of $100.  Expenses may be lowered by providing transportation, lodging (requires WiFi), and meals.  

Pricing Assssments
Pricing C not Q


You are special.  You are at the heart of my calling at Grow+Small Church Consulting.  Together, we will find a way.  You CAN be church!


Note on Pricing

If you are assisted by your denomination, your price will be the first one listed.  If you are paying your own way, your price will be the second one.  The second price is always slightly less than half price.  Example Price: $800 / $375.  


Closing, Not Quitting: The Webinars

  • Introduction to Closing, Not Quitting = $375 / $160 per person (minimum 3 people) - 2 hour session

  • Finances in Closing, Not Quitting = $560 / $250 per person (minimum 3 people) - 3 hour session

  • Worship in Closing, Not Quitting = $560 / $250 per person (minimum 3 people) - 3 hour session

  • Closer Community in Closing, Not Quitting = $560 / $250 per person (minimum 3 people) - 3 hour session

  • Danger! in Closing, Not Quitting = $560 / $250 per person (minimum 3 people) - 3 hour session

  • Coming Back Strong in Closing, Not Quitting = $560 / $250 per person (minimum 3 people) - 3 hour session


Closing, Not Quitting: Consulting

  • $200 / $100 per hour

  • $5000 / $2500 per month Package/Retainer (up to 40 hours/mo of consulting - what a deal!)

Pricing Coaching


  • Data Review of Denominational (or other) Assessment/Analysis: $200

  • Assessment of Recent Data (minimum 12 months, maximum 24 months): $400

  • Assessment of Longer Term Data (minimum 36 months, maximum 60 months): $600

  • Asset Assessment (for Social Enterprise clients): $300


Note: Assessments are FREE when consulting/project management services are selected.  Deep discounts for Closing, Not Quitting. 


No required packages.  Choose as much or as little as you wish. ​



  • $95/hr per person


Group Coaching 

  • $50/person with 3 person minimum

  • $35/person for groups between 6 and 12 people

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