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A Back-To-School Buffet

Today I'm going to share with you a handful of things you might find helpful or entertaining. 

Back to school - for you and your church. 

Learning something new is on the menu these days. If you feel pulled to something a bit more meaty in addition to Sunday School, check out these programs:

I know there are quite a few more - share below!

Preserve Your Church

I discovered a group of preservationists specializing in older churches. Remember my "museum" blog post? Even if you can't use their services (and they have wonderful services), it's an outstanding concept you must ponder. You can find Partners for Sacred Places here:

Post-Holidays and Your Church

My step-children are in college. At least one of their universities will close after the Thanksgiving break and reopen in the Spring. Why? Because the students will visit family over Thanksgiving and return to school, potentially spreading the virus in both places. Or the school will insist they do not go anywhere over Thanksgiving, which can't be an option anyone has seriously considered.

Which got me thinking, perhaps churches should consider the holidays as well. If you have students or family visiting from for the holidays, it might be useful to self-quarantine. Chat with your church leadership about the idea. Larger institutions have addressed this. It might be a good idea if we do too. 

Free Outreach Idea: WiFi Drive-In

As the weather becomes more challenging, the parks we've enjoyed during the pandemic may be less pleasant to be in. But many people have climate-controlled cars. I expect we will use them more as the seasons change soon.

  • Put up a white sheet, set up a projector, and turn your parking lot into a drive-in, and

  • boost your WiFi and blast it into your parking lot, then

  • invite the community.  

  • Provide popcorn and snacks and beverages for people to purchase. Rent them pillows or other comforts.

You will be amazed that people will do their homework or work on their computers and phones at your location if there is:

a) WiFi,

b) entertainment,

c) refreshments and comforts, and


(Let's admit it. Many of us drive around town a bit some days to get out of the house.)

Take pictures and share your successes! 


Photo by Deleece Cook on Unsplash

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