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Begin the journey to hope.

First Steps: Services


Introduce yourself.

Video calls are preferred, but phone and conference calls are acceptable. Technological help is available, and will not count toward your one-hour call.

This may be the first opportunity you have to speak openly about everything on your heart regarding your church.  Rest assured that all of our work together will remain confidential.  

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  • Deliverables: summary, red flags, projections, recommendations

  • Requirements: monthly and annual financial reports, staffing/volunteer data, current parish activities for one year, one-hour phone or video conversation with senior lay leader prior to assessment.

  • Optional: any data collected by your denominational leaders. 

  • Added Bonus: 5% off of three-month coaching

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Every church will have a different set of data to analyze.  Even basic bookkeeping can be different in reality (although ideally it should be the same).  Beyond financial information, other demographics and historical factors can play into a congregation's present and future.  Your denominational (or other) leaders may have already collected quite a bit of information for you.  If so, you receive deep discounts.  

Data will be delivered securely.  Security is constantly changing.  The latest, most secure data delivery, will be used for your data.

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