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Small is beautiful.  Small is strong. 

Churches are closing.  Churches are struggling, exhausting themselves, burning out, and then closing.  

Churches are living in fear.


There is another way.  Not a one-size-fits-all way, but a way that is sustainable in the face of change, leverages the power of the small and weak, and is committed to the Gospel.

Note: Churches are also amalgamating (blending, merging, etc.).  Amalgamation is both beautiful and difficult.  Amalgamation is also very much a process for your denomination to lead you through.  I am happy to assist where possible, but I highly recommend working only with your denominational leaders when amalgamating.  


Reduce costs, increase efficiency

Build capacity in your church, and in your community.


No one can stop you from being the Church.

Expert Guidance

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20% of your donation goes to a Grow+Small congregation.  

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